Thursday, September 3, 2009

i'm new to the concept of blogging.
Not really sure what's of interest to myself, let alone anyone else...
i suppose the way my life is... might be interesting to some.

i am a master juggler...not literally...but i do manage keeping many balls in the air.
three kids (that could be enough right there!!!)a forever needs attention kind of career, a husband that likes my attention (and whom i love to give attention to!)brothers, sisters, friends, dogs,babysitters, a turtle, a band, songs to write, schedules to be made, pick ups and drop-offs,many, many people and questions needing answers and to be answered to and for, and somehow....
i have a life i couldn't have made up, or if i had i would have left something out...for sure!!
it's jammed with blessings.
it's hectic, and messy, and exhilirating, and funny, and impossible.
probably like alot of folks i know.

i try to say yes alot.
as in "yes, i can do that"
i used to say "no" all the time, without even a thought, just "no". i was afraid, that's all.
i still get afraid..i say "yes" anyway.
i guess that's how you get a life jammed with blessings.
you accept them.
so anyway, that's a little snapshot of my life...if anybody's interested.
going to bed now


  1. Good enough lesson to learn, really. The more you say "no", the more you miss out on some pretty fantastic stuff.

  2. Be careful - blogs can take on a life of their own! Make sure you teach yours to sit, stay, roll over and shake hands when you say.

    As I'm sure you know from a life of achievement, some of the great blessings come from demanding, sacrificial, and even painful situations... so never let a ball fall out of the juggling routine unless absolutely, positively sure it's not a blessing.

  3. Have you seen the movie "Yes Man” with Jim Carrey? It really made me realize that how true it is what you’re saying. Me, being a shy girl I often say "no” which I try not to do so many times but it’s really hard. But it’s true you can only have an interesting life if you’re open to new opportuities.

    By the way I’m very happy you have decided to become a blogger yourself.

    God bless you, Katey.


  4. Great 'first' blog. Hopefully you'll get the opportunity to write more of them. Your efficient and fluid writing style provides a very engaging, enjoyable read.

    Following for sure ;)


  5. Hi Katey,

    You exude grace. The "yes to blessings" path is flowering beautifully for you! I enjoy your singing, acting and now, your blog.

    I was in the Beverly Hills Holiday Choir, circa 1987, and had the honor of singing next to you and your beautiful, strong voice. Am looking forward to coming to a show! Your life is a living example of growth and loving "yes-es." (How does one spell the plural of "yes?")

    May the auspicious moments multiply eternally!

    In the Creative Tao, A. Taylor Burton

  6. Welcome to the blogosphere, Katey! You'll kick ass, no doubt.

  7. Ironically as I am reading your blog, a clip of Sons of Anarchy Season 2 premiere comes on. First of all, what an excellent show! I believe, every man's success is due to the woman behind him (that's you)! Second, your blog is just wonderful. It's real, it's raw and just down to earth! Now you can add Blogger to your list of achievements!

  8. could be worse, could be an unemployed biker for the last 7 months wondering where the next diaper or meal is coming from. Life is what it brings to you, deal with it .

  9. Hello,
    You don't need to publish this: I'm a juggler too as a single mom to 2 kids (2 yr, 3 months), my answer to it is to set priorities. I'm also a still photographer and a screenwriter. I'm trying to get funding for an awarded script that I wrote, so now I'm also a producer. I don't have the contacts yet, so my offer for you is that I'll write you a feature script for you to be in the leading role. Ask what ever you want and be specific as you can and your part in the deal will be to promote it when I'll finish the writing. Maybe it will help me to promote also my other script. I'm a good writer and it is time for me to write for a woman other than myself. You can find examples of my work at (Ganit Orian) and you can contact me at Say yes to me, too. Thank you, you are a great actor.

  10. Thank you so much for the blog. I love your music, and your talent.

  11. As a strong working woman at an early age, I tried to say yes to anything asked of me. I wanted to prove that I could be a woman of business, wife, mommy, dj, sound producer, and anything else I decided to succeed. Now, as I hit my 40s, and our daughter is in college, I find myself saying no more, and just taking a break, and supporting others.

    I cannot be happier!

    I still work, I am still a wife and a mother, but now I dedicate me time. And if I spend the day hanging out with my favorite DVD series on a Sunday with the laptop working on my own blogger site, I know all is right with the world!

  12. Hi Katey. Thanks for the snapshot. Living well and fully takes a lot of work ... and a lot of humor ... and a good measure of courage.

    It's easy to say no, easy to think that's safe, when it's really the opposite.

    Possibility. It's my favorite word. It can be a loaded word, but it's one to hold on to.

    I start down a new path tomorrow - the particulars don't matter - but, I've been feeling that anxiety and fear of change all day ... probably why I've been reading blogs and tending to my own.

    Possibility. Thanks for helping me remember what I love about moving toward possibility.

    I wish you and Kurt and company all the best tomorrow night. I know you'll have great numbers - I just feel it. The energy around the return is palpable. I know it will be a strong start.

  13. Hi Katey, I love your fearlessness in taking on roles only the brave would attempt. You give women of a 'certain age' a whole new outlook, you dont accept the norm. Funny but it SO reminds me of your 'lover' on Lost, Locke's motto-'Dont tell me what I cant do'. It's perfect for you and I heard coincidently that you might pop up in the final season as Helen again. It cant get any better for us fans than that. Gemma is going to get you an Emmy, FX better start the ball rolling on that this year! Buena Suarte!